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Course Highlights

A.National Curriculum as guidance of course deisgn


National Curriculum for England

BBEVA Curriculum & Syllabus

Class-level Teaching Materials


The curriculum of BBEVA’s courses is based directly on the National Curriculum for England. The style of teaching mirrors the very best in English education, and the teaching periods follow the three-term in an academic year schedule. The courses are fully taught in English, covering all years and subjects. Virtual classes give pupils a wonderful introduction to the teaching they can expect in top schools in the UK. 


B. Small-group classes & Private courses


All learning programmes are designed that each child can fully develops their academic learning. Lessons are inspiring and enjoyable at the same time. Each course is designed to suit pupil’s abilities can be delivered in small group classes with between three and six pupils, or individual tuition as well.


C. Regular assessments:


All potential students must take a placement test before enrolment. Regular assessments during the courses will also be arranged to help evaluate students' progress, provide clear feedback, and to plan any necessary adjustment to the curriculum. 


D. The follow-up system:


BBEVA believes that it is essential to establish a close relationship between students, parents, and teachers through regular and effective communication. Teachers provide timely feedback both in and after class, as well as monthly study reports and quarterly evaluation reports. These reports track students’ learning progress and help adjust their study plan according to the results.


E. Strict teacher selection and assessment


Teachers at BBEVA are selected with great care and undergo the same selection process as outstanding independent schools, with the following requirements: 


1. Hold a British Certificate in Education or a foreign language teaching qualification. 

2. Have a bachelor’s degree or above in an education-related major.  

3. Have a minimum of 3 years’ teaching experience.  

4. Provide at least two references from previous institutions or schools.  

5. DBS criminal record checking.  

6. Active or previous teachers in British state or independent schools. 


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