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EAL English

We believe that language is the most powerful knowledge one can use to integrate into new environments and learn about other cultures.

The aim of our EAL English Course is to rapidly improve the basic English language skills of non-native English speakers and to provide a comprehensive literacy course to help students master the essentials of using English in all subjects.

The course includes explorations across a range of themes, with teachers leading students through texts on topics such as astronomy, geography, science, music, and art. In these activities, students will practise listening, speaking, reading, and writing, improve their accuracy in spelling, grammar, punctuation, as well as enhance their cross-curricular knowledge.

Modern Foreign Languages

BBEVA’s modern foreign language courses allow students, whether they have absolutely no basic knowledge or already a solid foundation, learn and improve in the most authentic foreign language environment.

The teachers of the language courses are all native speakers, experienced in teaching in public schools with large numbers of international students; they understand the difficulties and obstacles of learning multiple language, and can deal with all teaching problems and challenges with patience and ease.

Critical Thinking & Debating

Critical Thinking & Debating provides a stage outside the classroom for students to showcase their creative critical thinking, collaborative and communication skills through public speaking, parliament-style debates and persuasive writing..

English Reading & Writing

English Reading & Writing is designed to improve children's comprehension of language and literature, develop their basic language skills, and develop their imagination and creative writing skills. This involves encouraging children to work gradually on their independent reading skills and to read beyond. Children are encouraged to share their ideas in creative texts and to be more successful in reading comprehension

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