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Welcome to BBEVA  from the Headmaster:

A warm welcome to all parents who are seeking the very best in British independent education for their children.

We know that your children are your most important possessions. Parents have not only the privilege but also their responsibility of giving their children the very best start in life that they can.

Probably the most important feature of a successful start in life is the quality of education that they receive. There can be little doubt that for many years now the qualities recognized within British independent schools are known to have set the educational gold standard for children not only from the UK but for children from all around the world.

Some years ago children and young adults were judged on their knowledge. These days they are judged on far more. About two-thirds of children of school age today will earn their living in jobs that have not yet been invented. Knowledge alone will not be sufficient for life long success. 

British independent schools are renowned for their teaching of adaptability, critical thinking skills, questioning skills, and creativity. They are experts in developing children’s personal skills and individual confidence. They are caring and happy places where lifelong friendships are made and skills created both inside and outside the classroom. I am sure you will want these qualities and experiences for your child too!

Entry to the huge majority of British independent schools is by individual bespoke exams and interviews which require individual preparation.

BBEVA is established to provide your child with the route in. Both the leadership team and all individual tutors, who are carefully chosen, enjoy the significant experience in coaching children to be successful in the entrance examinations to these prestigious schools. We look forward to you joining BBEVA and to seeing your child being the next to enjoy success not only in one of these outstanding schools but in all that life brings them when their school days have finished.


Chris Davies,


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