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"Thank you very much for your guidance to help my children enter CLC. It's such a delight to us."

——Parent of students at Cheltenham Ladies' College

"Mathematics, science, history, and geography are the most interesting topics for children at the age of 6-7. Taking advantage of this time and with the help of teachers, they are willing to explore and learn more actively and absorb knowledge very quickly. Thank you very much for your teaching."

——Caroline, parent of a private course student

"The teachers are wonderful. My daughter has loved them since her first session."

——Mrs.M, parent of a foundation English course student

"My child is really enjoying the course.  I am also learning a lot of from the class recordings and homework." ——Mr.W, parent of a modern language course student


"I really hoped my son could be admitted to Harrow, and so he did . Thank you for your guidance and help!" ——Parent of an entry-prep course student

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